The program of Voting the "Golden Key" title for high-quality information security products and services and typical information security enterprises is an annual activity (since 2015) organized by the Vietnam Information Security Association (VNISA) implemented in a series of activities on Vietnam Cyber Security Day, with the consent of the Ministry of Information and Communications and the coordination of the Authority of Information Security (Ministry of Information and Communications).

Following the success of previous years, the 2024 Voting Program will award the title "Golden Key" to a group of 04 categories for voting on information security products, solutions and services and 04 categories for voting for Top 5 Vietnam businesses for excellent Vietnamese information security businesses, typical for each field.

The "Golden Key" title is considered a reliable professional certification, affirming and honoring quality. superiority and effectiveness of domestic information security products and services and typical and excellent Vietnamese information security enterprises (See more)


The 2024 voting program's organizing time is as follows:

  • Establishment of the Voting Council and promulgation of regulations: April 2024
  • Receiving registration documents: Before July 5th, 2024
  • Voting Council for appraisal and evaluation: July - September 14th, 2024
  • Title announcement and award ceremony: October 2024


List of the 2024 Golden Key Voting Council:

  1. Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung - Chairman of VNISA - Chairman of the Council
  2. Mr. Vu Quoc Khanh - Vice Chairman of VNISA - Standing Vice Chairman of the Council
  3. Mr. Dang Vu Son - Vice Chairman of VNISA - Vice Chairman of the Council
  4. Mr. Ngo Tuan Anh - Vice Chairman of VNISA - Commissioner
  5. Colonel, PhD. Tran Ngoc Anh - Member of the Executive Committee of VNISA Southern Branch - Commissioner
  6. Mr. Tran Quoc Chinh - Chairman of CMC Information Security Co., Ltd - Commissioner
  7. Assoc. Prof. Ph.D Luong The Dung - Member of the Executive Committee of VNISA Southern Branch - Commissioner
  8. Mr. Le Hoang Duong - Director of Cyber Security Center, FPT Information System Co., Ltd. - Commissioner
  9. Mr. Le Quang Ha - Deputy Director of Viettel Cyber Security - Commissioner
  10. Ph.D. Pham Van Hau - Member of the Executive Committee of VNISA Southern Branch - Commissioner
  11. Mr. Khong Huy Hung - Vice Chairman of VNISA - Commissioner
  12. Ph.D. Nguyen Viet Hung - Deputy Director of Institute of Information Technology, Military Technical Academy - Commissioner
  13. Ph.D. Nguyen Tung Hung - Deputy Commander of Command 86, Ministry of National Defense - Commissioner
  14. Mr. Ho Van Huong - Director of NACIS - Commissioner
  15. Ph.D. Tran Duy Lai - Deputy Director of the Institute of Information Security Technology, VNISA - Commissioner
  16. Ph.D. Trieu Viet Phuong - Acting Director of Vietnam Institute of Standards and Quality - Commissioner
  17. Mrs. Tran Thi Kim Phuong - Chief of VNISA Office - Commissioner, Council Secretary
  18. Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Quan - Director of Information Security Center, VNPT-IT - Commissioner
  19. Mr. Nguyen Tuong Quan - Director of Center 1, Department A05, Ministry of Public Security - Commissioner
  20. Mr. Ho Duc Thang - Acting Director of the National Digital Transformation Department - Commissioner
  21. Mr. Ho Viet Thang - Head of Legal and Inspection Department, Authority of Information Security, MIC - Commissioner
  22. Mr. Dang Dinh Truong - Deputy Director of the National Electronic Authentication Center, MIC - Commissioner
  23. Mr. Ta Hai Tung - Principal of School of Information and Communication Technology, Hanoi University of Science and Technology - Commissioner


The voting regulations include 6 chapters, 17 articles, regulating the purpose, principles, criteria and methods of voting (See Voting Regulations here)

Regarding the 2024 voting categories:

A. For products and services:

  • Excellent high quality information security products
  • Information security products with excellent prospects
  • Secure IT solutions represent digital transformation
  • Typical information security service

B. For businesses:

  • Top Vietnamese businesses in testing and evaluating network information security
  • Top Vietnamese businesses in monitoring and responding to network information security incidents
  • Top Vietnamese businesses in encryption, authentication and digital signatures
  • Top Vietnamese businesses in anti-malware and anti-cyber attacks


1. Each product, service, or business that registers to participate in the voting categories needs to send 02 sets of bound documents, with confirmation from the business leader, to:

Office of Vietnam Information Security Association
2nd Floor, No. 155 - An Trach - Dong Da - Hanoi.

and send 01 electronic copy of the Registration Document to Email: binhchon@vnisa.org.vn

2. Download Instructions and Application Form here

3. Application receiving time: Before July 5, 2024.